REVOLUTION IN THE KITCHEN - The microwave of the dishwasherS

Cups, mugs, cutlery.
Done in 30 seconds.
Squeaky clean and eco-friendly.

Easy to use

Intuitive, sleek and ultra-hygienic, Freshcup is perfect for any office.

Clean whatever, whenever you need to, while doing away with the plastic. A great way to make a difference every day while keeping the germs away.

eco friendly

‘Saving the planet’ is a job for politicians, bloggers or famous influencers, AKA – somebody else.
Sound familiar?
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Is becoming a vegan out of the question? Love flying too much to drop it? Do you splurge sometimes, buying a bit more than you need?
That’s OK. You can still make a difference.
Start the change now

A fresh new cleaning concept

Freshcup is a small and compact dishwasher,
ideal for offices of any shape or size.

A full cycle in only 30 seconds.
Thorough, top quality cleansing
Wash it all: glasses, mugs, saucers and more
Easy to use, smart, convenient
Compact. Fits even on small surfaces
Your office’s eco-partner
Who's Freshcup for?

Fast, smart and environmentally safe.
Fresh-cup is your best office-buddy.

Who are you?