The polluted kitchen

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The kitchen sponge may have 200 times more germs than the toilet seat.

You wouldn’t consider preparing food in the toilet, but you do prepare food on the kitchen counter inspite of it having more germs than the toilet seat. According to the University of Arizona expert Prof. Charles Gerba, the kitchen is a germ paradise, where germs especially like growing in cleaning cloths or sponges, which are home to 200 times more germs than found on toilet seats.

Gerba presented his findings last week at the Washington D.C. American Academy for the Promotion of Science conference, from his research on reducing the amount of germs in the average home

He stated that two thirds of all colds, and more than half of all infections are sourced in food, cause by conditions in the home.
From wire service report (translated from the Daily "Yediot Achronot" March 28, 2000)