Distributors, be our Partner in the FreshCup™ Revolution

Why FreshCup™?

Fast, easy to use and cost-effective, FreshCUP™ cleans and sanitizes office dishware in speedy, 30 second cycles.

Employees enjoy fresh, ready-to-use cups without delay, while inhouse and outsourced maintenance personnel get better results in less time, freeing them up for other tasks.

FreshCup™ - A new concept of clean

The World has been waiting for… FreshCUP™:
A solution for jam-packed office sinks AND uncountable eco-destroying disposable cups.
Our patented detergent blend thoroughly cleans cups, glasses and plates.
FreshCUP™ is optimal for use everywhere, from office kitchenettes, lounges, workshops and bars to trade show booths and beauty salons – transforming busy, crowded office spaces into immaculate, efficient areas where people enjoy spending time.

FreshCup™ Distribution - Delivering and Earning Profits

FreshCUP™ is a smart device, developed and designed by Israeli engineers to maintain a better, cleaner and more efficient office environment, while helping to save the earth from it’s #1 hazard, disposable cups.

With a single press of a button, FreshCUP™ washes, sanitizes and dries 3 cups at a time, using only one patented BIOCLEANSER detergent cartridge per 1000 cups. As a distributor, this means an ongoing revenue stream from both service fees and cartridge sales.

FreshCUP™ devices are already operating at 12,000 locations worldwide, and this number is climbing fast.

We invite you to come join our exclusive network of distributors.

Save the planet

The fast-paced, modern life has made convenience a top priority. As a result, we regularly use and discard billions of disposable cups, plates, and cutlery

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