There’s no arguing the convenience of using disposable cups.

But you see, all of those handy plastic cups break up into millions of tiny, toxic particles that will never disappear. Never.

Choose wisely.  Use FreshCUP™ – the office dishwasher that is simultaneously eco-friendly AND cost effective.

FreshCUP™ washes cups, plates and cutlery, as fast as they are put into the sink.

With near ZERO wait times, massive corporations, such as Intel and Motorola, have made FreshCUP™ a part of their office surroundings and culture, enjoying fresh, clean cups around the clock.

FreshCUP™ is perfectly safe, easy to use and saves time – a perfect fit for busy parents.

With FreshCUP™ you can wash baby bottles in less than 3 minutes. Handy, isn’t it?

Of course!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 1, 2 or 10 people at home, or if you have a thin or industrial grade dishwasher, FreshCUP™ will simplify your life. In no time at all, the never-ending stacks of dirty cups in your sink will vanish.

We’ve developed a targeted program that uses fresh water, special detergent and moderate temperatures to wash these products of the good earth.

Go on, press the button and enjoy clean, fresh fruits and vegies.

Well, that’s a question of efficiency and resources.

Wouldn’t you prefer to save time and money that can go towards special projects?

In terms of value-for-money, there is no comparison, FreshCUP™ is substantially more cost-effective.

FreshCUP™ is a smart, durable, economical solution that saves time, money and energy in the never-ending task of cleaning office cups and dishware.

Only 1 cartridge per 1000 cups, no more disposables in your cabinets and a windfall in your expense accounts.