5 reasons why you should stay away from the office kitchen

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Most of us come to the office every morning with a sense of purpose, keen on achieving our goals and succeeding at our jobs.

We work hard, often under great stress, and when we finally have a precious few break minutes to release some of the tension, we usually head over to the office kitchen.

Yes, the office kitchen is both a beehive of activity and a place where we allow ourselves to take a load off with a cup of brew, even if its only for a short time.

These intervals in our day to grab a coffee or tea, or to fill-up our water bottles, are far more than a means for quenching our thirst. They serve as a time to meet with colleagues, an opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss business in a friendly atmosphere, contributing not only to employee well-being, but also to increased business output.

That is, until you arrive at a dirty kitchen.

Dirty kitchenettes are not uncommon in offices and even if they don’t always look sullied, there are contaminant hotspots that look harmless, but can contain mold, bacteria and other grime.

What are the dirtiest places in the office kitchen?

  1. The sink Faucet handles, the edges of the sink and the surface of the sink itself, may contain high levels of contaminants.
  2. The Dish cloth Dish cloths and sponges contain one of the highest concentrations of contaminants in the office kitchen.
  3. The coffee machine Dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of workers press the coffee machine buttons every day, at least once, leaving questionable footprints, well – fingerprints, behind.
  4. The countertops Wiping down countertops with the previously mentioned unclean cloths, leaves substantial traces of contaminants.
  5. Coffee cups Studies show that washed office cups still contain traces of coliform bacteria
Unsurprisingly, research provides evidence that such dirty kitchenettes cause resentment and dissatisfaction amongst employees and, more worrisome yet, they can lead to disease outbreaks.

Enter the FreshCUP™ solution

FreshCUP™ is an automatic dishwashing device that helps employers, employees and cleaning agencies maintain hygienic, clean and efficient kitchenettes.

FreshCUP™ uses a proprietary detergent cartridge – a patented formula that simultaneously cleans, disinfects and washes 3 cups in just 30 seconds. Requiring only 1 cartridge per 1000 cups, FreshCUP™ is fast, easy to use and cost-effective.

Employees enjoy clean, fresh, ready-to-use sturdy mugs; businesses profit from cost-effectiveness, happy employees and a green corporate image; Cleaning agencies benefit from process improvement and ongoing revenue streams. We believe it’s a Win-Win-Win situation.