COMPACT DISHWASHER – The Perfect Solution

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Too swamped up with work to be worrying about washing your office mugs and utensils? You can now take it off your bucket without even having to resort to disposable ones! We introduce to you FreshCUP™— the perfect solution for your dishwashing needs.


This compact dishwasher thoroughly sanitizes cups, mugs, and cutleries in less than one minute whether there are 2, 5, 8, or 10 pieces of them, and what’s best about this item is it is smartly designed to perfectly fit to any small space whether it is an office, a clinic, a spa, or even a camper van. So, instead of installing a sink that takes up a huge amount of space, why not invest in FreshCUP™ and use those remaining spaces for other equally important items.


Aside from its amusing physical features, this compact dishwasher also takes pride in its high-end sanitation property. The brand itself has its specially made eco-friendly detergent, approved by health authorities around the globe, that guarantees your stained mugs to be 100% clean and ready to be filled again with freshly brewed coffee.


FreshCUP™ is equipped with two cartridges or dishwashing detergent dispensers that are totally recyclable. Lo and behold because each one of these cartridges are designed to contain a huge volume of dishwashing soaps that can clean up to 400 mugs or 1000 espresso cups. This is especially perfect for businesses who constantly require to clean a huge number of mugs and other utensils in the quickest time possible.


Speaking of efficiency, FreshCUP™ helps reduce the number of plastic disposals across the United States particularly among commercial and industrial industries. Did you know that for every 10 employees an average of 15,840 cups are disposed of every year? Along with these wastes is a 600-dollar expense down the drain. Consequently, by using FreshCUP™ the country’s annual expense is reduced by approximately US$200.


FreshCUP™ has undergone multiple lab testing in different parts of the world to ensure its quality, more importantly the user’s safety and wellness. From the machine itself, the heater, to the detergent, everything is 100% biodegradable and ISO certified.


Why settle with a bulky and expensive dishwasher if a cheaper and more cost-efficient option is just in front of you? Save your time and energy whilst protecting the Earth. Skip the plastic and equip your kitchen with FreshCUP™— your clean and green compact dishwasher.