Save the planet

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The fast-paced, modern life has made convenience a top priority. As a result, we regularly use and discard billions of disposable cups, plates, and cutlery every year, even at the office. We’d rather throw them out than go to the trouble of washing and reusing non-disposable ones. Because it is convenient.

That’s not good for the environment on so many levels.

Producing disposable items use a lot of resources, especially the supposedly eco-friendly ones that use paper instead of plastic. Producing single-use paper cups, for example, takes down 20 million trees a year. Recycling them takes up more resources (and produce more emissions), and only 1% goes for recycling anyway.

Plastic cups are kinder to trees, but not so much for the environment in general. Producing them releases copious amounts of greenhouse gases, and only some are even recyclable. That means tons of landfill fodder that will not degrade for decades.

If all that’s putting you off your morning cup of coffee, don’t let it.

You can easily find the best solution to the plastic cup (and cutlery) problem by using reusable mugs, cups, and cutlery when in the office, just like you do at home.

You might be asking doubtfully: But what about those studies about all those germs in the typical office pantry and sponges?

That is a real problem. And we have the solution.

The FreshCup Compact Dishwasher is a cup washing station specifically designed to solve these problems. You can have your cups, mugs, and cutlery (and even small dishes) squeaky clean and ready for use in 30 seconds at a touch of a button.

It’s so easy it’s convenient.

You might even say it’s the microwave of the dishwashers.

FreshCup is a revolution for the office pantry, and works just as well in the home kitchen. You no longer need to wait until you have enough to fill a regular dishwasher, and then wait again for it to be clean. Use this spiffy cup washing station to clean as you go. Pop in a mug or two any time you need and take it out in half a minute. It doesn’t get better than that.

Oh, wait, it does.

FreshCup uses a controlled amount of 100% biodegradable detergents that becomes pH neutral during the washing process, so the system does not dump chemicals back into the environment. Even better, the system uses less than half the amount of water it takes to wash a typical mug by hand.

You can say goodbye to iffy sponges and disposable cups, and say hurray for the environment!